About us

After keeping koi for over 30 years starting off with a 150 gallon pond, moving up to now what is just over 2000 gallons, we have truly become addicted to the hobby, buying fish of 10cm and now watching them reach sizes in excess of 60cm we have been through the highs and lows of keeping fish.

On our newest pond, the one in the image, we wanted to go all out, having it seated just below the patio separated by glass panels and a natural looking waterfall we wanted something just that little bit extra.

This is where Aqua Geeks was founded.  We had a 3D printer and a lot of experience in the IT And Websites industry so we merged the technology along with our creativity and experience in the graphic design arena and created a 3D printed koi decoration.  We loved this and placed one on each post of the pond roof.  After a little exposure we were inundated with requests for these decorations.

Aqua Geeks was then born, we created a variety of designs and underwent a lengthy testing and production process making sure that everything was finely tuned for the mass creation of these items.

Now our printers are working day and night to complete the orders and shipping them with the highest level of service possible.


Take a look at our catalogue, place your order and we will produce them specially for you.  We are always working on new ideas and designs so keep checking back.